How To Wear A Fitted Hat? | How To Wear A Fitted Cap For Guys

How To Wear A Fitted Hat

How To Wear A Fitted Hat?

How To Wear A Fitted Hat?

How To Wear A Fitted Hat For Guys

How do I wear a fitted hat? You just place the cap on your head. Seems simple enough and for the most part it is. However, in street culture fitteds are worn in a variety of ways. In this article we are going to briefly touch on the different ways people wear their baseball caps (in this case fitted caps but also applies to snapback caps as well). 

I Wear A Hat, But I Rock The Hat That I Wear

 Remember that this guide is just for informational purposes. You are not required to wear your hat in anyway that doesn't fit your style. The below styles are most popularly known in street culture and non-street culture. Its all about style fashion whats cool, whats sus (sus = suspect) and what's the everyday norm. You wear a hat but you rock the hat that you wear.

The Standard Front Fitted

Front Fitted Hat

Most people are not concerned with wearing their fitted hat a certain way. They care more about supporting their team or city, and loving the design of their fitted, so they wear their fitteds the way it was meant to be worn with the bill of the hat and primary logo facing forward with the hat placed firmly ontop of their head. This how the vast majority of people wear their baseball caps.

Front Tilted Fitted

The front tilted fitted is when your fitted hat bill is facing front but the left or right panel of the hat is tilted upwards. Rapper T.I demonstrates this style perfectly. This style also fits under the Sidways Tilted Fitted below. Even though its facing front and tilted it's considered having your hat sideways on your head.

Front Tilted Fitted Hat

How To Wear A Fitted Cap Backwards

Backward Fitted Hats

The backward cap is the "cool" way to wear your fitted hat. This style has even been popularized in Hollywood films when the characters attempt to be cool they turn their baseball cap backwards. A great example if this is in an episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza was at the dinner with a "cool" boyfriend (someone he looks up to) of Elain Benes. In the scene the cool boyfriend turn his hat backwards and Costanza attempting to be cool as well then proceeds to turn his hat backwards. Just like turning your chair backwards and sitting is considered cool, its the same concept. 

Backwards Fitted Can Also Be Seen As You Are A Cop

Cops Backwards Fitted Hat

There's a flip side of the backward cap. In street culture a person wearing a backward cap may be an indicator that they are a cop. Off duty cops are typically seen wearing their caps backwards and this is something people in street culture are aware of and take into consideration. In fact in the height of George Floyd death & protest there was a social media post going around showing how to spot an undercover cop. Besides pointing out the bulky vest under the shirt and handcuffs imprint in the back pocket of the jeans, the backwards fitted hat was also noted in the post. So the backward fitted hats can have two meanings but it's mostly seen as a cool, young way to rock your fitted but if you live in certain neighborhoods you may draw looks (depending on the rest of your outfit).

 Tilted Backwards To The Left or Right

This style is also considered a cool way to rock your hat and its not just in street culture but it crosses cultures. In this style the hat is turned backwards but the right or left panel fo the hat is pushed upwards on your head. Not everyone wears this style the same way. There are varying degrees of the tilt. This style was popular during the 2000's and is still popular today. The back crown covers portion of your right or left eyebrow. DJ Drama is a perfect example how this cap style is worn.

Tilted Backwards Fitted Hat

Slightly Shifted Backwards Fitted

This style is pretty much like the backwards fitted where the flat bill is pointing to the back of the head. The only difference in this style is that the hat is slightly shifted linearly to the left or right side. 

Slightly Shifted Backwards Fitted

The Sideways Fitted

How To Wear A Fitted Hat ; Sideways
The sideways fitted is a very popular style of wearing a fitted hat especially within the Hip Hop community & culture, but there are varying degrees and angles of the sideways fitted.

Directly To The Left Or Right

If you take the fitted cap and turn it so the flat bill is facing directly right or left, it's considered an old school way of rocking the hat. This is how street culture was wearing their fitted caps back when fitteds were at its peak during the 2000's. Currently in 2021 and likely forward you will appear to be someone older wearing a fitted (an "Old Head" is an older person in street culture langauage) sort of stuck in the 2000's. You don't have to be an older person to wear the hat this way but its generally perceived as an old style to wear your fitted hat.

Tilted Upward To The Left Or Right

The fitted hat turned sideways but tilted on the head is considered a young & cool way to rock your hat in street culture in current times. Just like the backwards fitted you will see a lot of musicians especially in Hip Hop wear their hats this way.

This also fits in the category of Front Tilted Fitted (listed above) because your hat is basically sideways.


 So these are some of the most popular ways people wear fitted hats , snapback hats and baseball caps in general. The styles can vary in so many ways based on many factors such angles, degree of angles and when or wear the styles are worn. For example many of the side ways styles are worn at concerts, parties, clubs and hangouts. The person wearing the fitted hat can also change the style in which they wear it at a single time. As another example people wo commonly wear their hats the standard "normal" way often turn their hats backwards throughout the day.

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