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Shock Drops

What Are Shock Drops?

What Are Shock Drops?

What Are Shock Drops?

Shock Drops in the baseball cap industry is when a company releases a new cap instantly without anyone having prior knowledge. Consumers are shocked, or surprised, by the new released because it wasn't announced and the word "drop" simply means released. An example of a shock drop is this black & neon green fitted hat released by Capsule Hats without warning.


Pros & Cons of Shock Drops

One of the pros of a shock drop is it gives everyone a fair chance at purchasing the newly released hat. Because there is limited or no prior knowledge of the release, no one gets an advantage over others. In the New Era hat community there is a serious problem with some resellers using auto buy bots to purchase newly released hats. It is difficult to use these auto buy bots on a shock drop just because it happens so instantly.

A con of shock drops is the obvious...it's difficult to catch. You have to really check the brands social media, email newsletter and website often to catch a shock drop. Some brands will make it easier for consumers to catch a shock drop by announcing they will be releasing a new hat in a few hours. This gives the consumer a time range to constantly check the brands website for the new drop.

Where Are Shock Drops Announced?

Shock drops are commonly announced on the brands social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter), an email newsletter or via a notification on their website. It is very rare that a brand release a new hat on their website without making an announcement. Your best bet to get notified of a shock drop is to follow the brands social media account and turn the notifications on and also opt-in their newsletter.