Capsule Restock Baseball Caps (July 7th)

Capsule Hat Restock

Capsule Restock Baseball Caps (July 7th)

Capsule Restock Baseball Caps (July 7th)

This is just a simple alert that Capsule will be restocking some of their most popular fitted caps today July 7th, 2022. Specific details are on their website (

A little bit of a side note but very relevant...we have many people that leave comments under some of our blogs asking where can they get the hat. We definitely do not mind answering your questions but our response will always be the same. You can go directly to the company that sold the hat (which we always mention in the blog) and ask for a restock or you can check the aftermarket, eBay, Grailed, Poshmark, Mercari etc. and pay 2x-3x more than retail price. If we spot a cap already listed on our site thats being sold by another company that has it in-stock we'll mark that cap as "Back in Stock" on our site and highlight it.

Restocked Fitted Hats

Restocked Fitted HatsRestocked Fitted HatsRestocked Fitted Hats

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