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custom brim artwork fitted hat snapback hat

Custom Brim Design on Fitted Hats & Snapbacks

Something we came across that was interesting to us, may not grab the attention to others but we think its worth discussing. A seller on Etsy takes New Era fitted hats and Snapback hats and print designs on the brim of the hats, giving them more of a flashy look that pops. Below you will see a red New Era Kansas City Chief hat and a black cameo New Era Green Bay Packers hat with a solid brim, in its true form. Directly under that photo is the custom print artwork/design on the brim of the hat. You can immediately notice the difference. 

custom brim art fitted hat snpback hat

We were curious about this custom work for several reasons. The first reason being that we will be releasing our own custom New Era fitted hats & snapbacks soon and was curious as to how well received the custom brim idea was to consumers. We personally love the idea. The second reason being that we actually searched for present and past New Era hats coming directly from New Era Co. and we couldn't find any design on the brim. Maybe there are regulations regarding the brim of the hat that this rogue designer doesn't need to follow because they are not technically a company. We also question why other hat companies such as Hat Club, Lids, Fans Edge , Fanatics, Ecapcity and the likes haven't come up with this concept. We have seen a New Era fitted hat or snapback that had a full design under the brim from Hatland, but it's something that has been done before. Some custom design companies have been doing, this before so its not a new concept but just not one that is being done on a wide scale.

custom art brim hat

The custom artwork/design brim hats are ranging from prices of $50 - $150. It may seem a bit pricey but people are purchasing this custom work, and it reinstates our belief that true hat collectors will definitely spend the buck to add a rare hat to their collection of fitted and snapbacks.

Here Are Some More Custom Brim Art Examples

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