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hat with no brim

Hat With No Brim: New Era 777 Casino 59Fifty Fitted

A significant amount of people have been amazed by the viral video of the Yankee Fitted with No brim and the more comical Brim with No Yankee (I admit it's kind of funny).

So I was inspired to turn one of my fitted hats (the 777 casino fitted hat) into a No brim hat. I plan on rocking a Yankee fitted with no brim around New York just to see the sort of reaction I get from it.

Check out the images below. Let me know if you think these brimless hats are sort of cool or a pretty dumb idea, don't hold any punches. I wasn't crazy about the no brim hats I've seen but actually wearing it felt pretty cool.

hat with no brim

hat with no brim
hat with no brim
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