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pillbox hat baseball

The Pill Box New Era Fitted Hat Collection

The Pill Box New Era Fitted Hat Collection

Pill Box Fitted Hat

New Era's "Pill Box" fitted hat collection has received a lot of criticism since its released and has never became that popular. I think the feature of the hat that bother cap enthusiast the most is the shape (which by the way I kind of love). Instead of the crown being very sturdy and well constructed like a 59Fifty fitted hat, the "Pill Fitted Hat" has a flat crown but it still contains theΒ squatchee button at the top.Β This style of hat comes in a style of a fitted (with a closed back) and with the snapback strap. All pill box hats come contains the sports league logo on the back and the New Era flagship logo on the left side. One of the reasons I like this fitted is because it looks like a hybrid of a baseball cap and a military hat that gives it, its unique appearance.

pillbox hat baseball


  • @Nick Unfortunately the Pill Box fitteds are not in-stock. Occasionally a few stores will release a few teams (like the Norfole Tides Pill Box was released this year 2022). However, they are rarely released.

    Admin on

  • How do I purchase pillbox caps Mets. Orioles

    Nick Parente on

  • Bring back please

    Mike B on

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