Women's Fitted Hat Month | Women's History Month

Fitted Hats For Women

Women's Fitted Hat Month

Women's Fitted Hat Month

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There isn't much documented history regarding women wearing baseball caps but we wanted to honor women in a different way. During Women's History Month we came up with "Women's Fitted Hat Month". We will continue to update this post withΒ  women wearing/rocking New Era 59Fifty (for the most part) and other fitted hats.Β 

As of recent fitted hats have became more popular than many other types of hats. Women are the reason why there has been so much interest in fitted hats with the whole deal of either putting their names or their significant others name on the side of the fitted (this was a trend that boosted fitted hats interest). So this month we celebrate Women History month by posting photos of women in fitteds.

Women Rocking Fitted Caps

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