Cue the Shenanigans if Aaron Rodgers Becomes a Jet

Aaron Rodgers Becomes Joins the NY Jets

Cue the Shenanigans if Aaron Rodgers Becomes a Jet

Cue the Shenanigans if Aaron Rodgers Becomes a Jet

I will never forget the time when Brett Favre became a NY Jet many, many years ago. At the time, the NY Jets were in their final year using Hofstra University as a practice facility. I went to see them and even had the pleasure of talking with players such as D’Brickashaw Ferguson. The practices were well-attended, and the crowds were decent.

The Brett Favre trade to the Jets took place around the final two weeks of training camp in 2008. Needless to say, the practices at Hofstra University became packed after that. Attendance for training camps skyrocketed from 1,800 to around 7,500 on average. The Jets fanbase was reinvigorated. I’m pretty sure the NY sports media rejoiced at the amount of potential stories that were set to take place thanks to Favre’s arrival.

If certain reports are to be believed, it looks like Aaron Rodgers may be on the verge of becoming a Jet. If this is true, the NY sports media will do cartwheels, flips, and breakdances. The stories surrounding Aaron Rodgers will come a mile a minute. And knowing how much of a diva Aaron Rodgers is, there is no doubt that he will crave the attention, fame, and the lifestyle of NY. He wants to feel important.

There is no doubt that the NY Jets will make him feel that way. Once Aaron Rodgers becomes a Jet, he basically gets the keys to the kingdom. He will have all the leverage over a franchise that hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the beginning of Richard Nixon’s first term. The New York media will follow him everywhere he goes. They will be at any personal retreats and wellness centers that he will find. I can safely say that Page Six of the New York Post will have at least a dozen stories about Aaron Rodgers before he even plays an official down as Jets QB.

With great power comes great responsibility. The increased level of attention and adoration that Aaron Rodgers will soon turn into him becoming Public Enemy #1 if he doesn't meet the expectations of frustrated Jets fans. With Sauce Gardner and Quinnen Williams anchoring the defensive end, there is no doubt that the Jets’ strength is on the defensive side. It will be up to Aaron Rodgers to ensure that the offense of the Jets becomes a strength. If they don’t, then the NY media will not be as friendly, and the honeymoon phase will end. Then the shenanigans will really begin.

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