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We would like to hear from you!

We would like your feedback on different New Era fitted hats and snapback hats! What do you like about the specific hat and what do you hate about the specific hat?  Choose any of the hats listed on our website (even in the "Matching Sneakers" section) and leave a customer review. You will earn $2 for every hat you review as long as its insightful. Only meaningful insightful reviews will be counted towards this program. Reviews such as "nice hat" will be published, but won't count towards earning money or a free fitted hat.

Cash & Rewards

This will be an ongoing rewards program that we will test and likely continue to run because fitted hat fans general want your opinion about certain styles of hats. There will be certain limitations in place so individuals cannot take advantage of this program. Participants of this program will be allowed to earn $45 maximum per month. Participants must have a PayPal account to receive this cash and payout will only be available when they've reached $30. 

You may also choose to spend the cash on a New Era hat (only from

How It Works

Its very simple to participate in this program. You do not have to sign up for anything. Just simply browse or search through the 400+ fitted hats and snapback hats we have listed on our website. Choose any hat of your choice to write a review about. Scroll to the bottom of the page and write review & submit!

write a review

We will review the comments for spam and publish them daily. Write as many review as you want up to $45 worth per month. We will notify you when you have reached the $30 mark. You can always request to know how many $$$ you have collected. That's it!

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You can also win a free fitted hat by  subscribing to our email below. We purchase and take photos of brand new fitted hats and custom limited edition fitted hats that we create, and then give them away. We'll announce when the giveaways are happening via email, so scroll down and sign up below (footer).

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