Seinfeld "Fitted Hat Day" And The Real Fitted Hat Day

Seinfeld "Fitted Hat Day" And The Real Fitted Hat Day

Seinfeld TV Show

Before we get into the real fitted hat day, we want to do a quick recap of Seinfeld "Fitted Hat Day" request.


Seinfeld Fitted Hat Day

On Season 8 Episode 18 (the 152nd episode) titled "The Nap" on the Seinfeld, George Costanza stated he had a difficult time sleeping. After meeting Jerry Seinfeld Carpenter Costanza inquired about having his office desk remodeled equipped with a shelf and everything. Costanza's plan was to sleep under his desk during work, with his pillow & a cup of coffee and wake up during lunch.

Costanza Sleeps Under Office Desk

George Costanza also had an alarm clock under his desk as well. George Steinbrenner walked into Costanza's office one day while Costanza was sleeping under his desk. Steinbrenner had a question for Costanza so he decides to wait in Costanza's office until he return, not realizing he's under the desk. George Costanza in a state of panic called up Jerry Seinfeld and requested that he call in a bomb threat (at Costanza's office) so he could get out of the sticky situation he's in. Steinbrenner receives the call andΒ  instructs his grandkids, who were with him at the time to get under the desk.

Steinbrenner returns to Costanza's office, hears the ticking of Costanza's alarm clock which he immediately think is a bomb and runs out of the room. Steinbrenner eventually talks to Jerry the "Terrorist Bomber" and asked what he wanted. Jerry Seinfeld stated he wanted a Fitted Hat Day, 7 5/8 size for himself, no knock offs but the ones exactly like the baseball players wear (which is created by New Era by the way). Here are partial screen shots and a clip of the episode below.

Seinfeld Fitted Hat Day

Β "Fitted Hat Day...That's What You Asked Steinbrenner For?"

So When Is Fitted Hat Day?

Well in the US National Hat Day is January 15, so to some degree this day can be declared fitted hat day. However, New Era Cap Company, the originator of the True Fitted, in a clever way declared May 9th as Fitted Hat Day, or as the company put it 59Fifty Day. Other companies like Lids, Hat Club & Fam Cap Store also recognized May 9th as fitted hat day. Check out the New Era Cap video below.

This was done for obvious reasons. May 9th in numeral form is 5/9 and the official New Era fitted hat is called 59Fifty. Lids one of the most popular baseball cap & sportswear company also recognize 59Fifty Day by rewarding their fans with a chance to win a free gift card.

Lids Fitted Hat Day

Β  So can we officially declare May 9th as Fitted Hat Day.