Sell Your Fitted Hats | Where Can I Sell My Fitted Hats?

Sell Your Fitted Hats!

Where Can You Sell Your Fitted Hats?

Sell the fitted hats that you no longer want or need. Are you a New Era hat collector looking to sell your hats? Look no further. We have visitors constantly emailing us requesting a certain fitted hat in a specific size. Perhaps you have the fitted hat and size they are looking for and are willing to sell it.

New Era hats are great but lets face it, you have to buy them as soon as they are released or you risk missing out. Besides the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers and other basic sports team fitteds, New Era caps become rare rather quickly (within a week) and especially a fitted in the right size. If you have a sought after fitted hat you can sell them for a premium price.

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Why Sell Your Fitted Hats With Us?

Here's Why You Should Sell Your Fitted Hats On Our Marketplace. has over 4,000 daily visitors and is steadily growing week after week. It seemed like a no brainer to allow hat collectors and sellers/resellers to sell off some of their collections.

Benefits of selling on the Marketplace

  • Targeted Audience - We are the only marketplace that has a laser focus targeted audience. Our audience is looking for 59FIFTY New Era fitted hats and nothing else. No other apparel, no snapbacks, no dad hats, no fitted hats from any other brands other than New Era and that is what our entire website promotes.

Facebook-Like Platform - The marketplace uses software very similar to Facebook groups. Once you setup your account, which takes less than a minute, you can immediately start posting your hats for sale.

Completely FREE - Initially we charged a 10 % commission fee. However, we have eliminated that and all other fees. This means your profit margin will be higher.

Payment Method of Your Choice - You are in total control on how you sell your hats and which payment method you will accept. Some examples are PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Link your eBay listing or your own personal website.

Private Messaging - Potential buyers can comment under your post or send you a private message regarding your hat.

Other Features - Potential buyers can also create a post looking for a specific hat, as well as follow their favorite resellers. Gaining followers as a reseller can make your job of reselling hats a lot easier because you've already built an audience. Members of the marketplace will be able to see when you've joined the marketplace, your last activity, your location (city & state), the number of posts you've created, the number of likes you received collectively and the number of followers you have. You can set your profile to private and none of that information will be revealed.



We Helped Generate Over $69,885 In Sales This Year

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This year 2021 (as of July 11th) we helped generate over $69,885+ in sales & over 1,200 completed orders for companies & sellers/resellers. In fact we helped generate over $5,000 in sales the first week of July.

Just Launched!

We have just launched this new marketplace 7/11/21. Once a few users start posting their hats for sale we will advertise the marketplace to our vast users. We have 100,000 targeted visitors coming to our website per month and we are continuing to grow. Its free advertisement for you.


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*This is a pilot program we are testing on a small scale. We'll inform sellers & resellers if anything changes.


For other inquiries & questions about our marketplace please email