New Era Batman Justice League Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat

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New Era Batman Justice League Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat

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Brand: New Era

Color: Black


  • Officially licensed DC Comics apparel
  • Batman logo stitched on the front
  • New Era branding on the side
  • New Era baseball cap made of comfortable and breathable material
  • Limited Edition Justice League 5950 collectible baseball cap

Details: Flexible enough for Kung-fu, durable enough to withstand a Parademon shock-cannon. Batman -- as capable as he is -- is just a man. And, as a man combating super-persons he deems threatening, or hive-minded alien armadas, he's going to need a little extra protection. With the help of Wayne-Tech's formidable R&D division, he assembled a flexible, durable costume -- a modern, adaptive battlesuit accurately reflected in our Batman Justice League Armor 59Fifty Fitted Hat. Made from an equally adaptive 100% polyester, this LIMITED EDITION Batman hat from New Era reflects Batman's costume adorned during his exploits in the hit film, Justice League. How does this Batman hat accurately convey Batman's 'Bat-tlesuit?' A body rendered in black leather-like material, layered in raised plating adorned with an embroidered, cinematic Batman symbol. The plating, accented with embroidered rivets, continues along the sides of the hat. The bill? Flat and adorned with more bolted plating. Under the bill? An image of Batman's movie symbol. Hey! What's on the back?? More plating and an embroidered Justice League shield. The official New Era sticker? It's right there, resting soundly under the bill. The lining? A soft interior featuring floating Batman symbols, Justice League movie symbols and logos.

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