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New Era Catalina Bison 59Fifty Fitted Hat

The Clink Room Exclusive

The New Era Catalina Bison 59Fifty Fitted Hat was design by Layne & Jacobo. As everyone knows Catalina Island is a gorgeous place. In addition to the islands beauty, something else they are well know for is their wild bison. A lot of people are confused as to how the bison ever made their way from the mainland to the island in the first place. As the story goes, back in 1924 there was a movie being filmed on the island. The studio decided to boat 14 bison over to the island from the mainland to be used in the film. The long and short of the story is the bison were left on the island after filming wrapped and the crew simply left. The rest is history. For nearly 100 years, instead of dying out, the bison have flourished and at one point there were over 600 roaming the island. My idea was to work with the talented Jacobo to create a logo that honors these animals who were uprooted from their natural habitat and moved to a new location and thrived despite the circumstances. Hats off to these great animals!

Some of the designs we've curated from the The Clink Room may no longer be available for preorder. You can only then purchase the fitted cap from someone who has already purchased it.

The Clink Room allow designers to create a design/artwork and submit that design/artwork to be produced as a physical New Era 59Fifty fitted hat that will be available for baseball cap fans to purchase for preorders. The Clink Room was created by Brandiose, the design firm known for dreaming up the official names and logos for Major and Minor League Baseball.