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New Era Clink Eastwood 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

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The New Era Clink Eastwood 59FIFTY Fitted Hat has been design by Full Count StudiosYou have to ask your self one question... Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? If you answered yes, then this is the hat for you! Based on a goofy pun made on a phone call to my brother, this design takes the classic Clink Kong and reimagines him in the style of a certain badass gun-slinging western movie star. This hat is the good, the bad, and a little of the ugly all rolled into one. The final curtain call of this hat, which really sells the western style, is the use of neutral dusty colors accented by a little bit of the wild west turquoise. So make sure to preorder Clink Eastwood before it rides off into the sunset, never to be seen again!


Some of the designs we've curated from the The Clink Room may no longer be available for preorder. You can only then purchase the fitted cap from someone who has already purchased it.

The Clink Room allow designers to create a design/artwork and submit that design/artwork to be produced as a physical New Era 59Fifty fitted hat that will be available for baseball cap fans to purchase for preorders. The Clink Room was created by Brandiose, the design firm known for dreaming up the official names and logos for Major and Minor League Baseball. 

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