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New Era Nova Corps Armor Marvel Comic 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

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Protect Xandar and the Nova Corps with the exceptional Nova Corps Armor 59Fifty Hat from New Era! LIMITED to 375 hats and EXCLUSIVE to Super Hero Stuff, this premium New Era hat respectfully represents the space-proof headwear of Richard Rider, the legendary Nova Prime!

    • Limited to 375 hats
    • New Era 59Fifty fitted, flat brim style
    • Golden, shiny, polyurethane fabric mimicking the Nova helmet
    • Top of brim mimics the golden, reflective breastplates of Nova's uniform
    • Under the brim rendering of Nova by cover artist Aleski Briclot
    • Intergalactic interior featuring a swirling galaxy of stars
    • Lovingly constructed as a homage to the savior of the Nova Corps -- and he who smote the previously encroaching Annihilation Wave -- this Nova Corps 59Fifty Hat is a wearable collector's item befitting a galactic champion whose worthiness outshines the stars.
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