Colored Brim Fitted Hats, How Do I Find Them?

Colored Brim Fitted Hats

Colored Brim Fitted Hats, How Do I Find Them?

Colored Brim Fitted Hats, How Do I Find Them?

Note: Color Undervisor Listings

We have quite a few users users who search for "colored brim" or "fitted hats with colored brim" on our website and on Google search. Although you may get some of the results related to what you had in mind, for the most part you are not getting what you hoped for. Why is this happening? Well, you're actually using the wrong terminology. Below we are going to tell you what to search for instead, educate you a little about the different colors and show you exactly how you can find the types of fitted hats you were searching for, on our website using quotations.

Fitted Hats With Colored Brim

So when most people search for fitted hats with colored brim or a "pink under brim" or "blue under brim" they are referring to the bottom of the fitted hat (not under the crown). Although technically "under brim" isn't incorrect, it's not the best way to find fitted hats that have a different color bottom.

Colored under brim

Here's The Correct Terminology

In the fitted hat and baseball cap industry the bottom of the brim is called "undervisor". So you are searching for colored undervisors. If you ever been on websites like,, our website and the many other brands that sell baseball caps you'll see that we use the word "undervisor" and not "under brim". Companies and hat enthusiasts also call it "UV", an acronym for "undervisor". Also a popular slang for the colored under brim is simply called "bottom" or "bottoms". While it's cool if you want to use "colored brim" in every day conversations, or kicking it with the fellas or on social media, that term is least effective when you are actually looking to find a certain fitted hat (or snapback for that matter) with a color under brim. The words "undervisor" are best for searching a particular color under brim. Lids, Hat Club & New Era, the three largest baseball cap websites uses "undervisor".  Same with thing with the term "brim", "bill" and "visor". The most popular term is "bill" which is used on most websites, but just as many people (including on this website) use the term "brim" & "visor" as well. These terms are synonymous with each other but can affect your search results differently.

Examples Of How To Use Undervisor, UV & Bottom

Below is a simple example on how to use the terminology we mentioned above.


  • pink undervisor
  • blue undervisor
  • yellow undervisor


  • fitted hats with red uv
  • purple uv fitted hats
  • green uv fitteds


  • grey bottom
  • pink bottom
  • red bottom

Slang To Know To Expand Your Options

Sometimes slang and trends in the baseball cap industry can evolve out of nowhere. It can be caused by New Era hat collectors and enthusiasts, popular culture or by baseball cap companies. I mean "pink bottom", one of the current most popular undervisor colors beating the previously most popular grey bottom, wasn't a thing until Hat Club created the first pink undervisor fitted. At the beginning of 2021 fitted hats with personal names on the side panel was a big trend due to hip hop & street culture. There are a few nicknames and unfamiliar terms for undervisor colors that brands and hat culture created. Some of them stick while others haven't.

Popular Slang For Colors

  • Black Undervisor = Black Nasty
  • Sky Blue Undervisor = Sky Bottom or Icy Bottom


Popular Colored Undervisors

  • Pink Bottom
  • Grey Bottom
  • Red Bottom
  • Kelly Green Bottom or Green Bottom

Finding Colored Under Brim / Undervisors on

We have thousands of daily visitors coming to our website every day searching for different types of fitted hats. Some users type in inquiries such as "Broncos" or "Yankees" and many listings for New York Yankees fitted hats will appear. Users can also type in a particular color, let's say "blue". Fitted hats with blue in them will appear in the search result. Same with side patches. If a user searches for side patch fitteds, our results will show fitteds with a side patch. Although this is a very useful way of searching for a particular fitted hat its not perfect.

Blue Fitted Hats

Search result for "blue" fitted hats


Use This Method Instead

 If you are searching for a fitted hat with a pink undervisor, type in "pink bottom" (in quotes). When you type "pink bottom" in quotes listings with pink bottoms will show and exclude other listings. If you type "pink bottom" without quotes our search algorithm  will include listings with the words "pink" or "bottom", which can display unwanted results. Here's the result:

Pink Bottom Search Without Quotes

Pink Bottom Search

Many pink bottom fitted hats are shown in this listing but quiet a few grey bottom fitted hats are shown as well (Pink Yankees, Miami Heat Purple City & Miami Deco Flamingo fitteds). This is because they have pink on the hat elsewhere.

"Pink Bottom" Search With Quotes

Pink Bottom Search FittedHats.comAs you can see by adding the quotes, the pink New York Yankees, Miami Heats Purple City & Miami Deco flamingo fitteds are no longer displaying. The only fitteds that are showing are the currently listed pink bottom fitted hats on our website.