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how to wash a fitted hat

How to Wash a New Era Fitted Hat: Shower Method

First off there are many different methods to wash your fitted hat. There is no one size fits all washing method here. You will come across different blogs that suggest different ways such as hand washing it, placing your fitted hat in the washer alone or placing your fitted hat in the dishwasher. The fitted hats we are referring to in this article is strictly New Era 59Fifty fitted hats. I've tried placing a 59Fifty fitted hat in the washer and it completely killed my fitted by messing up the form and shape of the fitted. This is a personal experience, it may work out differently for you.

A Quick Story How I Discovered My Method To Washing My New Era Fitted Hat

This is a very quick story that will explain how I discovered my method of cleaning my fitted hat. Living in New York, there's a large percentage of New Yorkers that do not check the weather. I do, but in this particular situation I didn't. It started pouring raining outside and I did not have an umbrella with me. I was wearing a 59Fifty baseball cap and was on my way to my destination. As disgusting as this may sound I saw brownish water drops dripping from the brim of my hat. I knew my hat was dirty because I never washed it before. When I got home I balled up a towel and stuffed it inside my hat so it would keep its form. After it dried i noticed how incredibly clean m fitted looked.

The Method I Use to Wash My New Era Fitted Hat

how to clean a fitted hat

After being caught outside in the rain wearing my fitted hat and watching the rain flush out the dirt that was in the hat, I attempted to recreate that experience in the shower and this method has worked for me ever since. This is the only method I use to wash my fitted hat.

Step by Step Instructions

washing a new era fitted hat

Very simple steps, so simple that you really do not need step by step instructions.

  1. Grab your fitted hat.
  2. Turn on the shower.
  3. Place your entire fitted hat under the shower. Rotate your fitted to make the water hits the entire crown of the fitted and the brim. Hold it under the shower and rub against the fabric for 2-3 minutes while rotating it every 30 seconds or so.
  4. Flip the fitted hat over so the water can clean and flush out the dirt inside of your crown and rub the inside.
  5. When the fitted has been under water for a while, you want to get a soapy wash cloth to hand wash the headband inside of the fitted.
  6. Rinse an turn the shower off.
  7. Allow the fitted hat to air dry. You can either ball up a towel and stuff it inside the the fitted hat and and let it sit or you can press against the crown of the fitted to ensure it has that round crown.

Alternatively you can wear the hat in the shower and receive the same cleaning, but you will have to take it off to get the dirt inside the hat. You can also use a spray bottle mixed with water & laundry detergent and spray the fitted while its under the shower. This method of washing your fitted or snapback hat is very similar to the dishwasher method. However, this method to cleaning a fitted hat is unique to me.

New Era Hat End Result

clean baseball cap

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