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How Much Are Fitted Hats?

How Much Are Fitted Hats?

How much are fitted hats

How Much Do Fitted Hats Cost?

Most fitted hats range from $30 to $45. New Era Cap Co. sometimes release a style of hat that they view are worth more and so they price those fitteds accordingly. For example New Era came out with the 39Fifty denim fitted hat and it was priced at $70. Many customers complained that the hat was not worth it but that's up for debate.


How Much Are New Era Hats In General?

How much are new era hats

All New Era hats (caps especially) are between $30 - $45. This price point has not changed much since the beginning when New Era Co. started manufacturing hats. Other hat companies that create custom designed New Era hats can choose their own price based on their perceived value of the hat. Many of these companies still choose the $30-$45 price range but some charge slightly more and price their custom designed New Era hats at $60 -$150. Designer fitted hats such as the Supreme fitted are also more costly because it's a designer brand.

At we create limited edition fitted hats. What we generally do is create a custom fitted for ourselves, give another away for free to our email subscribers and put the last hat up for sale. Because we only create 1-3 fitted hats of a specific design it's worth much more than your typical fitted hat so we charge anywhere from $100 - $200.

So if you are going to any local hat store like Lids, Ecapcity or Hat Club you can expect to pay around $35 - $40. Older design hats are priced at $30 and sometimes as low as $20.
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