How Much Are Fitted Hats? How Much Are New Era Hats?

How Much Are Fitted Hats?

How Much Are Fitted Hats?

How Much Are Fitted Hats?

How much are fitted hats

How Much Do Fitted Hats Cost?

Most newly released fitted hats are from $38.99 to $41.99. These fitted hats are released from  New Era Cap Co, Lids, Fanatics and other shops. New Era sometimes release a collaborative fitted hat with an artist, musician, company etc. and these fitted caps are worth more. For example many of the celebrity (especially Hip Hop artists collaboration) fitted hats on average cost between $60 - $75 and they sell out rather quickly.


How Much Are New Era Hats In General?

How much are new era hats

Most New Era hats currently cost between $38 - $42. This price point is a slight increase than the $30 in the beginning when New Era Co. started manufacturing these 59FIFTY hats. Other hat companies that create custom designed New Era hats can choose their own price based on their perceived value of the fitted. Many of these companies choose the $45 - $55 price range but some charge slightly more. Name brand fitted hats such as the Supreme fitted are also more costly because it's a designer brand. Supreme fitted hats usually cost around $120, the same can be said for Ryder Studio devil horn fitteds which are priced at $145.

Special Materials Used on The Fitted Hat

New Era recently released Polartec fitted hats in 2021 which were priced at $49.99. The fitted isn't made from the normal polyester material but instead a fleece material that protects against the harsh cold and wind. Materials like Corduroy are also more expensive than the $38.99 price point but these fitteds are pretty seasonal and are sold during the cold winter months.