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Are Fitted Hats Out of Style in 2020

Are Fitted Hats Out of Style in 2020

This is a frequently asked question by the younger Generation (Gen Z) and fellow Millennials. It's been asked in 2018, 2019, 2020 and will likely continue into 2021, 2022, 2023 etc. And this question is "Are fitted hats out of style?"

The Answer: NO, fitted hats are not out of style

Not only is the answer a  no, but its a resounding no. Fitted Hats in general will never go out of style, or at least it would take a lot of changes for this to happen. Fitted hats in general are the original baseball cap, even before New Era Cap Company ever existed. However, usually when people ask "Are fitted hats out of style" they are referring to the 59Fifty New Era fitted hat, and the answer is still the same. No, it's not out of style. 59Fifty fitteds are the style of hats that professional baseball players wear on the field, professional football players wear on the field, professional basketball players wear on the court.

Introduction of Snapbacks

Fitted hats were more popular back in the 2000's. It was during the millennium when I was first introduced to fitted hats. After talking to many other hat enthusiasts, it was around the same time when they started getting into fitted hats as well. Especially in street culture because fitted hats became a staple in Hip Hop culture, and everyone in the streets started rocking fitted hats especially in New York City. Even in 2020 New Yorkers (street culture) still have a high interest in fitted hats (according to search engines)

The Introduction of Snapback hats aka the 9Fifty caps did take away some of the attention away from fitted hats because this style of hat offered a well needed solution to a common problem people were having. That problem was the sizing process and figuring out which fitted hat size was right for the customers head. With a single snapback hat it's one style, one size fits most. As for fitted hats, it's one style, 12 different hat sizes. Stores actually preferred to keep snapbacks in their stores over fitted hats because they didn't need to stock 7 sets of 12 different sizes. Instead they could stock 40 snapbacks to please all customers. This also help increased the popularity of snapbacks.

According To Google Search

According to Google search, just the term "fitted hats" gets searched 18,000 times every month. This number does not include other related terms such as "fitted caps", "59fifty hats", "black fitted hats", "LA Dodgers fitted hats" etcetera. The actual including many of these variations is closer to 150,000 - 200,000 searches per month. Same with "snapback hats" with 22,000 searches per month but much larger when including other variations of the word such as "Snapbacks","9fifty hats" etc. Snapbacks has more interest over fitted hats because of the one size fits all mechanism in the back and people generally love that. The below chart will show you that Californians & New Yorkers have the most interest in fitted hats than any other state in the nation.

fitted hat chart

Instagram Data

Instagram hashtags can give you a pretty decent idea how popular something is on their platform. Before we start digging into the numbers be sure to follow us @FittedHats because a brotha could use some love. I post fitted hats that match sneakers and customized exclusive fitted hats that I've created. I only create 1-3 of each style of hats and give one away for free to local New Yorkers and will sell one online and will post that information on Instagram and Facebook as well as on this site, so be sure to follow. Now, let's get into the numbers.

Current Hashtag Posts

#fittedhats 40.9k posts.
#fittedhat 70.4k posts
#fittedcap 106k posts
#fittedcaps 30.5k posts
#teamfitted 85.9k posts
#fitteds 60.2k posts
#fitted 1.3 million posts

These are the numbers of brands, and individual users that use these hashtags in their post. There are many more creative fitted hat related hashtags but we are sticking to the basics. Although most of these are related to fitted hats not all of the posts are. For example the hashtag #fitted is used for in posts about fitted hats, cars, fitted clothing, fitted sheets and other. Also keep in mind there numbers are not averages per month. The numbers represent the history of that particular hashtag. Based on this information we can conclude that fitted hats does have a certain amount of popularity.

Let's now look at the #Snapback hashtags

Current Hashtag Posts

#snapback 7.8 million posts
#snapbackhats 85.9k posts
#snapbackhat 151k posts

Looking at the snapback Instagram hashtag we see that Snapbacks are more popular than fitted hats. This correlates with what we already knew from Google search which showed that snapbacks are more popular but fitted hats are still in style and being talked about.

New Era Cap Company

New Era Cap Company

The last and final thing we want readers to look at is the New Era Cap Company itself. New Era constantly introduces new 59fifty fitted hats & 9fifty snapback hats once or twice a week on their website. I encourage you to look at the fitted hats (any size). I've done exactly this with the Banana Camo fitted hat. Within 24 hours of it's release this fitted hat has sold out and it's not just this hat many other hats sell out as well. If there was not a demand for fitted hats New Era Cap Company would not create or stock them because they would lose money. If fitted hats were out of style New Era would only sell snapback hats.

Hopefully this article gave you some great insight about the interest of fitted hats and answers your question about whether or not they are out of style. I will be creating some very interesting, very limited edition (1-3 hats) NY fitted hats made in New York City, for New Yorkers. I will be selling one of them, and giving the other away absolutely free to local New Yorkers. 

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