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How To Clean Fitted Hats

How To Clean A Fitted Hat

How To Clean A Fitted Hat?

How To Clean A Fitted Hat?

Fitted Hats are perfect for keeping your face shaded on a sunny day or simply supporting your favorite sports team and for fashion. But between the sweltering sun and a friendly game of baseball (or even just a brisk jog), dirt, oils, and sweat can get trapped in your hat, leaving behind a stinky, dirty mess. Unfortunately, fitted hats aren’t as easy to clean as your favorite old t-shirt. From deformed brims to fast-fading colors, there are lots of issues that can make washing your fitted hats tricky. Don’t worry—we’ll break it all down for you here so your fitteds will look like new in no time!

The most important thing to take note of before washing your fitted is what type of brim it has:

Hats that have cardboard-supported brims are older (made prior to 1983), and when you tap or flick the brim, it will make a hollow sound. Unfortunately, these types of fitteds can only be spot cleaned—submerging it in water will deform the brim, ruining the fitted hat altogether!

1.  To clean a cardboard brimmed fitted, squeeze your favorite detergent into warm water and let it fully dissolve.
2.  Take a clean towel and dip it into the solution and lightly buff out any stains on the hat or inner headband. Be careful not to soak the brim! For tougher stains, use a soft-bristled brush to pull the grime out of the fabric.
3.  Rinse the towel thoroughly and gently wipe the detergent off the fitted until none is remaining.
4.  Let the fitted air dry, and enjoy!

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