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Fitted Hats vs Snapbacks

Fitted Hats vs Snapbacks: Backed By Real Data!

There has always been a battle of words between New Era hat collectors about whether or not you should keep the sticker on your hat or take it off and which color bottoms (undervisor) is better. However, the biggest debate has always been which hat is better and more popular fitted hats or snapbacks? Although each individual has their own preferences we wanted to look at some actual data. For several months we have been keeping track of the popularity of both fitted hats and snapbacks. This article was inspired by our previous article "Are Fitted Hats Out Of Style?" Below are the results.

Fitted Hats vs Snapbacks Popularity Result

Fitted Hats vs Snapbacks

Reviewing data from Google search and other third party sources snapbacks has been kicking the butts of fitted hats for quite some time now. There have been almost twice as many searches for "snapback(s)" and "snapback hat" than there were for fitted hats. However during the Covid-19 pandemic we've seen a spike in searches for both snapback hats and fitted hats.

Snapbacks has seen increases in search volumes but at a slower rate than "fitted hats". "Snapback(s)" searches went from 20,000 searches to 40,000 searches per month. Then it increased again from 40,000 searches to 40,500 searches per month which is its current search volume.

Searches for "fitted hat" went from 12,000 searches to 14,000 searches per month. Then increased again from 14,000 searches to 18,000 searches. However, it doesn't stop there. Searches for "fitted hats" continued to climb from 18,000 searches to 33,100 searches per month and now currently at 49,500 searches per month as of February 26th, 2021.

So what does this mean? This mean currently snapbacks have lost it's title of being more popular than fitted hats. Fitted hats are currently more popular than snapbacks...based on search volume data. We've also noticed New Era Cap Company releasing slightly more 59Fifty fitted hats than they have been in the past. At the time of writing this New Era's homepage displays all 59Fifty fitted hats, no snapback hats are displayed.