Why Are Fitted Hats Trending?

Why Are Fitted Hats Trending?

Why Are Fitted Hats Trending?

Why Are Fitted Hats Trending?

Fitted hats are trending in particular,New Era 59FIFTY fitted hats are trending. But why are they trending? In 2019 the term "fitted hats" had a Google search volume of about 14,000 average searches per month. Fast forward to the end of 2021 and that number is now 165,000 average searches per month. WTH just happened? We do not have a full answer as to why fitted hats are trending, but we can provide you with seven words that will help you why there are an increase interest in fitted hats. Those words are "fitted hats with name on the side".

Fitted Hats With Name on The Side

Street culture has always had a big influence on the baseball cap market. Some of the most popular hats that gets sold out quickly are usually a New Era x Hip Hop artist collaboration. We're Talking about Meek Mill Dream Chaser fitted, Travis Scott Houston Astros, Offset & Quavo Atlanta Braves and Drake OvO x New Era collaboration. All of these fitted hats sold out quickly. What does this have to do with fitted hats trending? Street culture played a significant role in the increase popularity of fitted hats in the past two  years when fitted hats with the name on the side was trending. 

What is Fitted Hats With The Name On The Side?

Couples were purchasing New Era fitted hats with their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse name embroidered on the right side of the cap. We do not have the answer as to whom started the trend but it started trending on Twitter and then made its way to trend on Google. This trend has brought females into the fitted hat  game in droves. These women were not only interested in purchasing a fitted hat with their spouse name embroidered on the side, but they started to like wearing fitted hats in general. Women started collecting fitted hats and even gotten into the resale game, which we're going to talk about now is the second reason fitted hats are trending.

Fitted Hats Are Becoming Collectibles

Fitted hats are becoming collectible items with shops like Hat Club, My Fitteds, Capsule Hats, Capanova, Sportsworld 165 and other shops create limited edition New Era 59FIFTY fitted hats. These rare edition fitted caps are usually in high demand with individuals always anticipating the next drop so they can become one of many that owns them. There are legitamite buyers that want to purchase exclusive fitted hats for their collections while others are starting to see the opportunity to make money. Then enters the fitted hat resellers.

The Fitted Hat Resellers 

Fitted Hat resellers are opportunist who realzie because these exclusive fitteds have value and are in demand that they can purchase the cap and then resell them at a higher market and make a profit. Resellers are not very well liked in the fitted hat community but many do not care because its business for them. This is the same thing that has been happening in the sneaker community for years. Some resellers are using illegal auto-buy bots to purchase a limited edition hat at incredible speeds. Fitted hats are usually sold on marketplaces like eBay, Grailed, Mercari and Poshmark. The fitted caps are purchased at a price usually between $40 - $55 and then sold on the aformentioned marketplaces for anwhere between $100 - $250 and yes people are actually purchasing these hats at the inflated price although from what we've seen, that has slowed down.

Will Fitted Hats Ever Slow Down?

Its possible. In our honest and humble opinion fitted hats will drop back down to the level of popularity as snapbacks...eventually. For decades snapback caps has always been more popular than fitted hats but because there are so many shops that produce exclusive themed fitted hats it will take time for these two baseball caps to be on the same level of popularity. There have been shops that tried to produce exclusive theme snapback caps, but the demand just wasn't there for snapbacks.