Best Fitted Hats of All Time & Reasons Why They Are So Great!

Best Fitted Hats

Best Fitted Hats of All Time

Best Fitted Hats of All Time

Here are a list of the best fitted hats that have been created up to 2021. This list will always be up-to-date to reflect.

The Criteria Used to Decide the Best Fitted Hats

The Criteria used to determine the best fitted hats are as listed:
  • Design - Are the designs simplistic and minimal or are the designs more complex, intricate and creative.
  • Identity - Is the fitted hat identical or very similar to designs created in the past? Is there a noticeable difference and what range is that difference.
  • Purpose - Was there a meaning behind the cap, some significant event that took place that inspired the creation of it, or was it simply created because a new design was needed.
  • Material - Are the materials used to create the fitted cap different than the common polyester that is typically used or are other rare materials used.
  • Hand Made - Custom made hand-stitch designs on a fitted hat are more special than a machine stitch design is. Consumers put more value on a hand-sewn design.

Kobe Bryant Tribute Lakers 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Kobe Bryant Tribute Fitted Hat
This fitted hat was created as a farewell to the LA Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant who died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna Bryant. The Tribute fitted hat is priced at $38,000 and only 8 of them went into circulation. Whether or not its worth $38,000 is debatable, but what's not debatable is the uniqueness of this hat. It's made with an Italian fabric, real diamonds and real snake skin under brim set in authentic gold.

LA Dodgers / Lakers Split World Series Championship Fitted Hat

Dodgers Lakers Split Championship Fitted Hat

Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Lakers dual championships. The LA Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the 2020 World Series, their first time since 1988 (32 years!) Despite losing Kobe Bryant this year the LA Lakers also won The NBA Finals in 2020. What a year for Los Angeles!

New Era 59Fifty "Rally Cap" Fitted Hat

New Era Rally Cap 59Fifty Fitted Hat
The inside out baseball fitted cap better known as the "Rally Cap" is a superstition in Major League Baseball. Fans and players would turn their fitted hat inside out to encourage their trailing team to make a comeback and win the ball game. New Era decided to design a Rally Cap so fans didn't have to turn their fitted inside out.


New Era Milwaukee Bucks 2021 Championship 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

New Era Milwaukee Bucks 2021 Championship 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

The New Era Milwaukee Bucks 2021 Championship fitted hat made the list because it has been 50 years since the Bucks has won a championship. This mean its a rare moment where New Era could design a new, updated championship fitted for the NBA team. The design is very straight forward and simple. A forest green six panel structured high crown, embroidered eyelets and fabric squatchee button. The Bucks logo is embroidered on the front panel in a forest green, white and gold colorway. The right panel features a 2021 Champions side patch embroidered in gold, black and white colorway. Congratulations to the Bucks for a well deserved "21" Finals win and a rare moment hat lovers get to see a new championship fitted for the team.

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