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808 All Day Fitted Hat

808 All Day Fitted Hat

808 all day fitted hat

808 All Day Fitted Hat

The 808 All Day Fitted Hat has a royal blue crown with a royal blue squatchee button ontop. It's a New Era 59Fifty fitted hat with a black brim.The front logo of the hat is embroidered in black threaded letters "808 All Day". The letters are outlined with white threads.

Matching 808 All Day T-Shirt

808 All Day fitted hatThe matching royal blue t-shirt goes perfect with the 808 All Day fitted hat complimenting the the blue and black color scheme.  The word "Aloha Friday" is in black bold letters with a white outline matching the font of the fitted.

808 All Day Meaning

A lot of people have heard the saying "808 All Day" but they have no clue as to what it means. 808 All Day is simply Hawaiians representing Hawaii. 808 is the area code of Hawaii. Just like here in New York City we say "New York All Day" and other cities for example people living in Connecticut will say "CT All Day". It means "Im representing Hawaii". 808 in music means a certain set of drum kits whic has no relation to the meaning as you see it here on the fitted or shirt.