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59fifty Sticker on or off? Lets Put This Debate To Bed

59fifty Sticker on or off? Lets Put This Debate To Bed

New Era 59Fifty Sticker

So there has been so many conversations and debate about this subject matter dating all the way back to the millennium. What am I referring to? The golden New era 59Fifty (or 9Fifty) sticker on the hat. One side say it looks stupid to keep the golden sticker on the hat, and the other side says its a legitimacy thing. So who's right? NO ONE!

It's All About Personal Preference

It really is all about personal preference. If you choose to take off the New Era 59Fifty gold sticker, fine. You do not have to leave it on, but in the same taken, don't judge the other fitted hat enthusiast because he decides to keep the sticker on for whatever the reason. What's really happening with this debate is simply a cultural difference.

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59fifty Sticker on or off

Cultural Differences

There are two different cultures that wear baseball caps.

The Sports Fan - For the most part, people who remove the gold New Era 59Fifty sticker are sports fans or your average hat wearer, with no association to street culture. I would say these are the bulk demographic. They wear fitted hats and snapback hats to support their favorite sports team at the games, and other places to represent team or the hometown. In their mind, of course they are going to remove the gold sticker that displays the size of the fitted hat and that is completely understandable. I mean would you keep the sticker and tags on new clothes that you've just bought? For most of us the answer to that is no. You are not suppose to keep the tags on your new clothes especially while wearing it. Unless you plan on bringing it back the clothes back that would be the only exception (cheap...but an exception nevertheless) that makes sense.

Street Culture - In street culture the gold New Era 59Fifty sticker isn't just a tag that displays the size of the fitted hat. Leaving the gold sticker on the front of the brim or even under the brim is a legitimacy thing. It's to let friends, family and friends know that this isn't any ole hat. This is a New Era fitted hat; a top quality hat. The gold New Era 59Fifty sticker and the New Era flag threaded on the left side of all New Era hats are the two legitimacy check-points...that are pointed out in street culture. This isn't exclusive to hats it applies to other areas of fashion such as high end sneakers. In street culture if its a very high end, top quality sneaker some people leave the tag on their sneakers etc. It's all about legitimacy in street culture.


So now that we understand a little about the 2 different cultures represented in #TeamFitted, hopefully we can agree to disagree and move on from the why or why not about the gold New Era 59Fifty sticker. Let's just focus on mocking each other because their favorite sports team is garbage and praise the creators and designers for their latest piece of art that we would pay double to get a hold of but are glad its reasonable priced. 

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