59fifty Sticker on or off? Lets Put This Debate to Bed

59fifty Sticker on or off

59fifty Sticker on or off? Lets Put This Debate to Bed

59fifty Sticker on or off? Lets Put This Debate to Bed


Updated: 9/11/2022

After doing some research we concluded that based on current 2022 trends, most people are taking the stickers off of their fitted hats. This is largely true for the Gen Z population and current Hip Hop stars which play a major role in street culture. Millennials in the past have kept the sticker on their fitteds because of the reasons we stated below, but Generation Z doesn't feel the same way. Millennials are also not leaving the sticker on anymore (or are doing it less) and both of these generations combine make up a signifiant portion of baseball cap wearers. The curving of the brim is also a popular thing in street culture currently (it has always been popular for sports fans). However, we still believe that the entire discussion is not that deep and it's really a personal decison.

Verdict: 59FIFTY Sticker Off


There have been so many conversations & debate about whether or not you should take off the 59Fifty sticker or leave it on. The New Era 59Fifty sticker on the hat debate has been around since the 2000. One side say it looks stupid to keep the gold sticker on the hat, and the other side say its a legitimacy thing. So who's right?

It's All About Personal Preference

It really is all about personal preference. If you choose to take off the New Era 59Fifty gold sticker, fine. You do not have to leave it on, but on the same token you should not judge others who decide to leave their gold sticker on. This debate is simply a cultural clash and difference.

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59fifty Sticker on or off

Cultural Differences

There are two different cultures that wear baseball caps.
New Era Cap Company markets to these two cultures differently. Below I attempt to explain the two different cultures and the train of thought about why they leave the 59Fifty sticker on and why the other take it off.


The Sports Fan - For the most part, people who remove the gold New Era 59Fifty sticker are sports fans; your average baseball cap wearer, with no association to street culture. These people wear fitted hats and snapback hats to show support for their favorite sports team. They are going to remove the gold sticker and that is completely understandable. Would you keep the sticker and tags on new clothes attached? The answer is no, it doesn't make sense. Most people do not keep the tags on their new clothes especially while wearing it.

Street Culture - In street culture the gold New Era 59Fifty sticker isn't just a tag that displays the size of the fitted hat. Leaving the gold sticker on the front of the brim or even under the brim is a legitimacy thing. It's to let your friends, family and public know that your hat isn't a knock off. The gold New Era 59Fifty sticker and the New Era flag threaded on the left side of all New Era hats are the two legitimacy check-points...that are pointed out in street culture. This way of thinking isn't exclusive to New Era caps. This train of thought applies to other areas of fashion such as high end sneakers. In street culture if its a very high end, top quality sneaker some people leave the price tag on their sneakers to show others what they've paid. Same for glasses, watches, purses, jackets etc. It's all about legitimacy and braggadocio in street culture.

The one negative about keeping your 59Fifty sticker on is that you will never be able to take it off later on. If you decide to take off your sticker at a later time you will notice the dark circle of the original color bill on your hat. See photo below for example. This mark is almost impossible to get out

new era sticker circle mark on hat


📝 Side Note: Cultural Differences of Two New Yorkers

The cultural difference is actually quite interesting when it comes to baseball caps. We can compare two people living in New York City rocking a New York Yankee fitted hat. One of them is an avid Yankees fan, know the names of all the players and watch every game. The other has no knowledge of the team whatsoever nor does he know any of the player names. He wears the fitted hat to represent the city that he's from, which is of course New York. Shark Tanks Daymond John and Jay Z are perfect examples of how street culture wear fitted hats. Both may have some interest in the New York Yankees but they do not wear their fitted to show support for the Yankees. They wear their fitted because they are from New York and are representing New York.



So What's the Verdict?

There's no right or wrong way to rock your fitted hat. You should not let others influence your decision on whether or not you want to leave the 59Fifty sticker on or take it off. Some people wear their fitted hats in a standard fashion, some turn their hats backwards, some turn their hat to the side and some leave or take off the 59Fifty sticker. At the end of the day, it's all about personal preferences and culture.

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  • @Yetta Thanks!

    Admin on

  • Take the sticker off. Run your collectables to the ground. No one cares if it’s rare or UA.

    Edgar on

  • @Diz Wang Yuuurrrrr

    Admin on

  • Rip dat sticker offfff, ya herd. Dis iznt 2005 son.

    Diz Wang on

  • @Jammy I can only speak to how Millennials wore the sticker on their hat. It was the same with Jordans. When jordans use to come with those beaded chain tags on their sneakers it was “cool” thing to leave the tag on your sneaker as an authenticity, braggadocio thing. It didn’t have anything to do with stealing. But we’re talking about several different generations which had their own ideals about the sticker but as you said Gen Z isn’t really into the sticker thing as much.

    Admin on

  • Well, “sticker-as-style” goes back to the 1980s and 90s Gen Xers: Leaving labels and/or stickers on sports merch and street wear was meant to suggest the merch was stolen, giving the wearer ‘outlaw’ street cred.

    Fast forward to 2020s Gen Z, ‘thug-as-authentic-style’ doesn’t hold the same appeal. Nowadays is honesty is more legit, stealing not so much, which is probably a good thing.

    Jammy Houndrixx on

  • @Glenn this isn’t expert advice just sound advice. The best way to keep your cap looking new is by not wearing it when you are very active (or producing sweat). Your cleaning method should be based on how often you wear the hat. If it’s a hat collectors item, you probably want to stay away from the shower method of cleaning. Hat Club offers a cap cleaner you can also find some available on Amazon. I can’t vouch for Amazon products but some cleaners have great reviews. I would also recommend a fitted organizer, most cap collectors have one, it organizes that cap and keep them away from debris. Hope this helps!

    Admin on

  • What’s the best way to protect your cap,? Is there a waterproofing or fabric spray you can apply to the cap to keep it looking new?

    Glenn on

  • @John Rose That could definitely be true but for Millennials especially during the 2000’s when fitted hats were very popular it was really about authenticity in street culture. I remember buying a fitted from a street vendor that wasn’t a New Era brand and when people complimented the hat they looked for the gold sticker and the New Era embroidery on the side. If it wasn’t a New Era they liked it a little bit less. However, your point is valid, that could be the thing now.

    Admin on

  • I’ve also heard that people leave the sticker on it so this way they can return it if needed.
    I don’t know how true that is or why they want to return it and if they be able to return it if the salesperson at the store was able to tell that it has been worn.

    John Rose on

  • I find it weird how younger peoples heads are tiny

    Edgar Garcia on

  • i find it weird to know how big people heads are.

    rover on

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