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National Borracho League Hat

National Borracho League Hat By City Loc

I came across a brand called "City Locs" and one of the the hats or logos my boys mentioned was the "National Borracho League". It's an interesting and unique logo and I personally love it which is why I'm writing about it. Now it's not a New Era fitted hat or snapback but the hat is still made of great quality unlike some of those blank hats that comes dented in the back and people customize their own logo on. No this hat has a flat brim. The hat comes in different styles and color but this style is the dark camo. The logo centered in the middle is a large embroidery which is something I also love. It's an image of a guy drinking beer/alcoholic beverage with his cap turned backwards. The colors are red white and blue in the similar fashion of the NBA & MLB color scheme. The logo itself is the real eye candy especially for those who are into street fashion. 

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City Locs has an array of National Borracho League apparel and accessories including cup holders, t-shirts and wallets. 

National Borracho League T-Shirt & Hat

National Borracho League Hat
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