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Fitted Hats with Custom Brim

Seahawks + 49ers Fitted Hat With Polynesian Art Brim

The Seattle Seahawks & San Francisco 49ers fitted hats are pretty ordinary. The Seattle Seahawks fitted has a rich navy blue crown, squatchee button eyelet and brim with the NFL shield on the back and New Era insignia on the left. Same with the San Francisco 49ers fitted with a red crown, squatchee button, eyelet and brim.Β 

What makes these fitteds special is is the artwork done on the brim. I've mentioned before the brim and undervisor of baseball caps are an empty canvas just waiting to created into beautiful artworks instead of the plain solid colors that are present on most caps. The owner of these caps hand painted Polynesian artwork on the brim.Β  Polynesian artwork contain many abstract shapes and lines.

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Fitted hats with custom brim
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